When the Going Gets Tough – the Tough Get Grateful!

Gratitude is the great re-framer!

No matter what happens to us, the sooner we find something for which to be grateful the sooner the healing starts!

Of course, at a major crisis time, it’s not always easy to focus on gratitude. For example, the death of a loved one is not one where our grief helps us to think about gratitude. When you think of it, grieving is a necessary process and a very self-centered one. We are grieving for what we have lost – whatever it is. And that is appropriate and necessary as I said. It’s when it becomes the default emotional state that we stop moving forward in life.

People who are resilient usually have the capacity to allow time to grieve and then focus on what they have learned, or how things have changed positively or at least acknowledge there are some good things that have emerged.

Finding something for which to be grateful is a decision. We need to put our ‘gratitude glasses’ on and consciously look for things for which to be grateful.

Many organizations for which I speak complain that change is the new normal and that people are reeling from the speed of change and the quantity of work – they are all doing more with less … and faster! This is leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

Firstly, change is in fact something your brain loves! Change keeps brains young and alert and vital. But our hearts need a little lightness and down time – which is where gratitude comes in again! We can do almost anything if we can find something for which to be grateful for. Find a purpose and meaning in your work – not just your job – but your work. There’s a big difference.

Work is building a cathedral. A job is laying bricks.

What can you be grateful about?

  • Be grateful you have a job in these tough economic times – if you are not, there are thousands ready to take your place!
  • Be grateful you have colleagues and relationships and company – humans need that.
  • Be grateful that your company is not stagnating and about to go under because all the competition is changing more than you!
  • Be grateful you had some time with your loved one and for the joyful moments you shared.
  • Be grateful your partner is teaching you so many wonderful lessons in personal growth and development! (read arguing!!)

There are too many things to list. If we choose to find and focus on things for which to be grateful – in every situation we encounter and in every person we meet I believe our lives don’t just change – they transform.

Zooties!! Amanda

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