Why you all deserve a TA DA? + Amanda’s new app!

When I lived in America, I spoke to a lovely group in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I was telling them about my niece’s first gym competition. At the time she was 9 and I was (and still am) a very doting, and enthusiastic aunt! In between exercises (which I must say were not that exciting and seemed to me to consist of them just standing on the balance beam and holding onto the parallel bars and letting go) she would sit on the floor with her ‘best’ friend.

I had cheered silently – but very visibly – every time she did anything as I was so proud and thought that the recognition would secretly be loved. Well, after a little while of me doing the thumbs up and smiling enthusiastically and mouthing ‘excellent!’, she turned to her little friend and whispered “she’s not my Mum – she’s only my aunt!” Unfortunately for her I thought it was very funny!! And it only made me do it more! I knew that at some level the encouragement was worth it!

Today she is 25; I am blessed that she still speaks to me! In fact, she feels very secure knowing how much I love her. So I figure a little embarrassment is worth it!

When I had finished telling my story, Roger came up to me after the break and said he would like to share a story about his then 4-year old nephew.

Apparently, Roger was staying with his sister who had a 4-year old son. It was the son’s first gym competition as well and he invited his uncle to come watch him. When Roger asked what he would be doing, the little 4-year old said, “TA-DA’s!” Interested to see what a TA-DA was, Roger went along and saw his little nephew do the first exercise. It was walking along a balance beam that was about 3 inches from the ground. At the end of this heroic exercise, the little fella jumped off the balance beam, threw his hands up in the air and shouted, “TA-DA!” At which point everyone madly clapped and cheered!

Think of how many times you have seen toddlers and little children do a ‘TA-DA.’ And think of how enthusiastically we encourage them at the time. Sadly, the TA-DA’s are not rewarded as we grow older – it’s not considered appropriate for grown-ups to ‘TA-DA!’ What a pity!

We have to wait for other people to notice we did something and hopefully they will recognize us in some way. Teens would be the last people on earth to TA-DA – but they may be the people on earth who most need recognition and encouragement.

Consider the word encourage, it stands for EN – courage – that is, to put courage into someone else. That’s what acknowledging a ‘TA-DA!’ does. That’s what acknowledging a silent ‘TA-DA!’ does.

Whenever you see anyone doing something that as a little child they may have finished with a ‘TA-DA!’, enthusiastically show them you noticed! If your mother just fixed something on the computer that scares her to pieces, if your teenager did something kind or hugged you, if your partner does something to make you feel special, if your children accomplish anything that they have worked hard to achieve, if a workmate does something worthwhile – encourage them. Give them a TA DA!

In fact, LOOK, ACTIVELY look for opportunities to see people doing something that would as a child have been followed with a “TA-DA!” – at work AND at home. And then acknowledge them. Adults are constantly doing silent TA DA’s – and if we want to help them feel motivated we need to see and acknowledge those silent TA DA’s!

Discuss the idea of “TA-DA’s” around your dinner table tonight and as a family allow and foster out loud “TA-DA’s!” If someone has done something positive – you could say – “I think that deserves a “TA-DA!” “And make it OK to have family “TA-DA’s” no matter how old you are! You can make it a joke – but it will bring wonderful energy, courage and self-confidence into you, your children’s and your work-mate’s lives.

I love it! And you can make the “TA-DA’s!” very fancy! You can jump up and throw your hands in the air and feet out wide and shout proudly, “TA-DA!”

Just make sure that whoever is around does a positive reinforcement – if you do a TA-DA and someone goes ‘well, durrrrrr, what’s the big deal!” then a TA-DA loses it’s magic!

That’s what they are – magic. A magical way to have fun in your family – or at work – and a conscious reminder to encourage and acknowledge others. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to go out today and every day and en-courage someone else!

Give them TA-DAs! And yourself while you are at it!


Amanda Gore

PS. I HAVE EXCITING NEWS! At last I have finished my TA DA APP – it’s called THE JOY SPOT – AMANDA GORE and has a button you can press and you hear me giving you – or anyone else you point it at – a TA DA! So you can celebrate yourself when no one else will! Together you and I can celebrate your win or achievement! Tell all your friends about it – it’s free! – and let them know the joy of acknowledgement! You will also receive daily joyful quotes!

I hope you en-joy it! Here is a snapshot of the app below and details on how to download it!

This is how you give yourself a TADA

This is what the app looks like

If your having an OFF day watch me LOL

Iphone Users download here

Android Users download here


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