Work from Home Celebration


Let me just hasten to add – celebrate mostly without alcohol! LOL.

Just kidding! Although the level of alcohol consumption in my household has gone up since working from home – full time!

I have always worked from home in between travel but this is the longest I have slept in my own bed for THIRTY FIVE years! It’s a bit odd truthfully! 

But I could get used to it! My liver may struggle but the rest of me is growing fond of it!

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in a team with others and a great leader is the recognition we receive from others – whether it’s a smile or kind greeting or actual acknowledgement of something we have done or contributed.

While most of us are working from home – what can you do to acknowledge, celebrate or compliment another? And that applies to your family at home – not just your ‘family’ at work!

My latest keynote is around the idea of The BIG Re-set! 

And today I would love to share with you a nmemonic to help you remember these three core things – designed to make you better at caring, building rapport, leading, contributing, popular, a better parent and being perceived as a great person! But that is not WHY you are doing this. 

You are doing this because COVID (once you sorted out how you were going to get by!) has given you time to reflect on what really matters in life. For you. And others.

And what really matters is how you feel about yourself. Which then impacts how others feel about themselves around you. 

By helping others, you feel good about yourself.

So here goes…..these ideas are how you can celebrate the most important thing – life. 

Living. Really living – not just existing. 

And seeing the contribution others make to your quality of life. 

Then choose wisely – stick with the ones who lift you up – who really care about you – who are willing to grow and develop themselves. 

Then tell them how much you appreciate their contribution and what it means to you!

B – is for Be Interested and ask questions about others and what is going on for them. How often are you making the effort to notice something about someone – or just notice them and check in with them? Some people are doing this on their own at home and that would be so hard. I am deeply grateful for Lorraine who is my housemate. Without her, this whole experience would have been horrible!

Humans are at times very simple! We all crave recognition; to be seen; to be heard; to know that we matter; to know we are special in some way; to know that what we do makes a difference; to know that we have improved or developed and grown and someone has noticed it; to know someone cares about us.

I – is for Identity. This COVID experience has given us time to re-discover who we really are. What we feel and what matters to us. Someone asked me the question only about 2 years ago ‘what really matters to you”? And I am being vulnerable here when I say – at the time I had no idea! Not what really mattered. Sure I could use various phrases but ‘really mattered’? No idea back then.  Things have changed as I have worked on myself and rediscovered my essence. The real, authentic me and what unique energy I brought to earth. Who is the real authentic you? And what gifts did you bring – because you did! No matter how you perceive things – you did! And you have a special and unique essence. Find it! 

G – is for goodness and gratitude. Find something good about other people and tell them! And focus on that goodness. Focus on the monotonous goodness that surrounds us. And is constantly happening inside us – as our bodies and every organ brilliantly functions every second. Until it doesn’t. And then we notice it. We don’t have gratitude for it any other time other than when it stops working. Or there is a crisis. Focus on goodness and gratitude for the goodness you see in the environment – like the sun rising every single morning to warm you; in your body- like your heart pumping every day all day; in others – like their presence in your life even though you were horrible yesterday!

Go forth and be B.I.G.!

Have a BIG heart and a BIG spirit. 

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