You Can Change Your Life By Changing Your Story!

I am sitting today in the apartment of an amazing young woman! She moved everything from Australia to the USA to follow her dream of helping as many people as Oprah by sharing stories that heal! She is an astonishing young woman whom I think will really make a big difference in the world.

I first met her when I returned to Australia after 8 years living in America. This complete stranger called me on the phone to ask me about living and working in the USA and discussed her dream of being a TV personality who made a positive difference in the world. After listening, I said to her ‘why don’t you start your own YouTube TV channel?’.

At that time, YouTube was new and this was a relatively challenging idea! To her great credit, she launched into learning everything about being TV presenter and setting up a how and how to make it all happen on YouTube. This was no easy – or cheap – journey!

She moved to LA and 18 months after she sold up everything in Australia, climbed on a plane and embraced her dream, her show launched one month ago. TA DA Kirsty!

Not only is she an incredible net-worker, but she is one of the most generous people I know – particularly with her knowledge. She does a tremendous amount of research and shares it with everyone- so for me, she really deserves her success.

She has had the courage to do what most of us would not! Put everything on the line, dive in at the VERY deep end and just go for it. As a consequence, she has fast tracked her own growth and development – and success.

Her story started when she was living at home in Perth, Australia and she interviewed a few of her friends who had stories of overcoming adversity that she thought would help others. It has blossomed into KirstyTV. She interviews people about their journey through horrendous experiences, addictions, life challenges or success and asks them to share their secrets of how they dealt with what had happened to them.

Her dream is to help people by giving them a different story.

We are not our stories!

One of the concepts I present during my presentations comes from Bruce Lipton who talks about the power of beliefs. Beliefs can literally turn your genes on and off! Our beliefs becomes our stories – which become our lives! WE ARE NOT OUR STORIES! Pay very careful attention to the story you tell yourself – about yourself; about your partner; about your children; your boss, colleagues, job and life! You can change your life by changing your story – which is not always easy!

Life is not about seeing reality – it’s about perceiving and judging. Our stories are often based on false assumptions and perceptions.

Kirsty TV is helping people change those stories and perceptions! By hearing how other people have overcome horrendous things by changing their stories and doing the work, it can inspire others to do the same. To give others not just hope but alternatives and options when it seems like there are none.

533833_10200985455621293_30872945_nTA DA Kirsty! – you are diligently working on making your dream happen and I believe you will make a huge difference in the world – and not just one person at a time!

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