Your mood matters

The Harvard business review (HBR) lists emotional intelligence (EQ) as the number one quality of a great leader. The essence of EQ is to know yourself, manage yourself and manage relationships.

Out of all the various aspects of EQ, HBR states that the leader’s mood has the most significant impact on the culture of an organization. DUH!

Can you recall a time when you had a boss who stormed out of his/ her office? As they stomped across the office looking like thunder, did you immediately look up and think ‘oh the poor boss! I hope he/she is ok. I wonder if I can help.”

I don’t think so!

Almost everyone responds to that situation in the same way. They see the boss in this mood, and panic instantly! They wonder what this means for them – did the boss find out what they did last week? Is there a problem with the company? Do they still have a job. People start to talk about what they just saw and before long, everyone is distracted and productivity stops!

Once you become a leader you no longer have the luxury of a bad mood or day! You have to stay realistically optimistic and make sure your people feel confidence. Managing your moods is a critical quality!

Perhaps it’s a good idea for all leaders to have a mirror in their offices – near the door! Look into it every time you walk out the door and make sure that your face will inspire enthusiasm and confidence and not fear!


Wake up to your mood and control it. Understand that what you say to yourself shines out through your non verbals. You may smile but a smile won’t hide the negative thoughts going through your head!

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