Zooties! How to Connect During Isolation

The below image is the impact zoots or zooties can have! They are little hearts going from mine to yours. My Mum came to stay with me when my Step Dad died and she was understandably very sad. She stayed with me for 6 weeks! The day I took her to the airport to go home, I came home and found she had left me a note on my pillow. It was a beautiful note saying how much she loved me and reminding me of many lovely things we had done together. It was a beautiful note and I was sobbing by the time I had finished reading it because I thought ’she’s such a great Mum” and i felt like such a bitch because I was glad she left! LOL! 

At the bottom of the note she had drawn a great big heart on one side and a great big heart on the other side and a whole lot of little hearts in between – and that was her way of sending me love!

Zoots or zooties as we ended up calling them can be sent in writing…said over the phone….sent through the air from a distance and many other ways! 

They work – once you explain what they are people feel the love that comes with them!

A man who had been trying to connect with his 16 year old daughter who had not spoken to him in a year went home after hearing me speak about them and every day sent zoots to his daughter – in person! She rebuffed him, signed, rolled her eyes and generally gave every indication she thought he was an idiot! BUT….one day two weeks later, she walked past him in an offhanded way and flicked her hand and muttered ‘zoot zoot’! His life with her turned around that day.

It might be simple but it works!

Try it! 

Zoot zoot from me!

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