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Wake up to the spirit in which you do things!

A quote from a book written by The Mother, a student of Sri Arubindo (a famous Indian Guru) touched my heart. “Everything always depends on the way in which things are done. Not so much what one does but the spirit in which one does it.” To me, the spirit in which we do things…

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Your mood matters

The Harvard business review (HBR) lists emotional intelligence (EQ) as the number one quality of a great leader. The essence of EQ is to know yourself, manage yourself and manage relationships. Out of all the various aspects of EQ, HBR states that the leader’s mood has the most significant impact on the culture of an…

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How Compassion Will Transform the Way You Do Business

how compassion can transform your business

A new field of research is suggesting that when organizations promote an ethic of compassion they may not only experience a happier workplace but also an improved profits. I believe you can transform every aspect of your work (and life) with compassion. Compassion Transforms Businesses Imagine what life would be like all businesses practiced compassion.…

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How One Question Can Change Your Work Culture

“What’s the best thing that happened to you today?” I challenge you to greet everyone in this way – watch their faces light up! Begin your staff meetings with asking everyone to answer the question “what’s the best thing that happened to you since we last met” – it will transform the group dynamics! You…

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Successful Leaders Do These Three Things

Being a leader means working with humans (in the most part!), and humans operate on the fuel of feelings. A leader with a high EQ (emotional intelligence), will foster a workplace where people can feel good about themselves and therefore be more engaged with their work. In a nutshell, people who feel good about themselves…

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

A review at Harvard showed that customers will consistently come back to people they like – 80% of what brings them back is the personality of the person ‚Ķ20% is the skill. Think about that – 80% of what brings people back is your personality! But that’s just one part of the equation. Here is…

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